Conference Weekend Theme: The Spirit of Truth

    The Church of God is built on a strong foundation of its respect for the One who is God. However, when Jesus spoke to his disciples, he was insistent that a spirit was coming, that a spirit would fill his disciples, that a spirit would teach them all truth. All through Acts, a spirit guided God’s people, a spirit moved in and through them, a spirit pushed them to follow their messiah. 
    This conference, we are going to examine what that Spirit is. We will analyze the Old Testament and New Testament references to the Spirit of God, the words for Spirit in Hebrew and Greek, and the implications our view of the spirit has for our lives as Christians. If we want to worship God “in spirit and in truth” then let’s learn all we can about the Spirit of God!

About Jake Ballard:

Jake grew up in South Carolina, where his family attended Guthrie Grove Church of God in Pelzer. Through hardships and trials at a young age, Jake felt a call in his heart to serve God’s people as a pastor and educator. He attended Atlanta Bible College from 2009-2013, interned at Lawrenceville Church of God from 2012-2013 and was ordained in the summer of 2013. He was hired as an associate Pastor in the Fall of 2013 and moved in December to the parsonage. In the Fall of 2014 he started his seminary education at Bethel Seminary in St Paul and took over the full-time preaching and teaching duties at PGBC. 
    Besides his schooling and calling, Jake was blessed to reconnect with the love of his life at ABC, and in June of 2012 married Amber Cain. They were blessed together in their life with Melody Grace in October of 2013. Amber, Jake and Melody recently got a cat named River, a black little ball of joy. Jake is a big fan of Disney, musicals, books, and podcasts. He has two blogs on the PGBC website. 

Jake is the pastor of the Pine Grove Bible Church.