About Greg Landry:

After attending Midwest Family Camp in IN for a few years, one of the directors, Marcia Railton, asked me if I would be willing to teach a class in the summer of 2012. I ended up choosing the topic of Evolution vs. Creation, after the topic had very much peaked my interest due to the videos we had watched at our monthly Men's Breakfast at Pine Grove.

Since that class, I have spoken or taught on the topic at a number of our churches or camps in seven states, the most recent opportunity being at this year's FUEL national youth camp.
I have spoken at two of our MN churches thus far, Pine Grove and Hutchinson.
I believe this topic is an important one, especially for Christians.  Many Christians don't feel that believing in evolution or an old earth are going to affect their faith, or that they could ever become salvation issues.  Although they may not be salvation issues in and of themselves, these ideas can actually lead people to walk away from their faith when they become convinced that science is right on these subjects, while the Bible is wrong.

To illustrate this point, I am sharing below a note from one of my students at FUEL this year:

"Thank you for teaching such a great class.  I had just recently had an in-depth evolution unit in science, and it made me uncomfortable and even doubtful about my faith.  I wanted to feel confident in what I believed in.  I did some research on my own but it was never really enough.  Your class has been interesting, informative, and helped make me more confident.  I will also be better equipped to talk to my atheist friends.  I enjoy science, and your class was one of the best I have ever taken."

That note makes all of the work I have put into the information I present worth it!  What that student came to realize, and what I hope to convey at MN conference, is that observable science is actually on the side of scripture.  What a breath of fresh air, and a feeling of relief that often brings to Christians of all ages.  You won't get that idea from reading your high school or college Biology or Geology textbook.  That is why I try to fill the enormous gap between what you are being told about God's creation from secular science, and what is actually true.